‘The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition’ Latest News & Updates: Bethesda Fast-Tracking Patch 1.3 Following Continued Game Stability Issues

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 16, 2016 07:24 PM EST

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition” is off to a rocky start following several issues that include game crashes and graphical display problems. Patch 1.1 was released but somehow the update failed to cover some of the issues that players were complaining about.

“Skyrim Special Edition” Patch 1.2 coming up short?
Patch 1.2 for “Skyrim Special Edition” is due out soon though many are already singling out that this new update from Bethesda may not cover the problems for the game. The upcoming patch focuses on improving and resolve issues that include the game crashes as well as ironing out the mod-browsing experience, per the patch notes rendered by Game Spot.

Speaking of crashes, the broad terminology that patch 1.2 brings may not entirely cover the problems for “Skyrim Special Edition” for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Bethesda did, however, mention that it was looking into the game crashes which hints that another patch (patch 1.3) may be the actual fix most are waiting for.

Did Patch 1.2 improve or cause more problems?
Looking at the Patch 1.2 notes, it begs to ask if other bugs could crop up or make the previous issues worse for “Skyrim Special Edition”. According to some reports, the “Skyrim Special Edition” patch 1.2 may cause more problems tied up to graphics, crashes, game saves and framerate issues.

That said, things may continue to be awry even with patch 1.2 for “Skyrim Special Edition” and Bethesda will need to work on yet another patch soon. As mentioned in a previous post, all this may come as a big disappointment for players who took up Bethesda’s remastered “Skyrim Special Edition” with “The Elder Scrolls VI” still far from happening.

The improved graphics quality for “Skyrim Special Edition” look pretty neat. But these are nothing if the game constantly crashes, forcing players to restart or eventually shun the game due to wasted time.

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