Tomb Raider gets a 66 Percent Discount For One Day Only

By James Dohnert , Updated May 24, 2013 08:41 PM EDT

Memorial Day weekend is here. The extended weekend means gamers will have plenty of time to catch up on great games they might have missed this year. Knowing that gamers will be on prowl for cheap thrills, Greenman Gaming has issued a major discount on one of this year's biggest titles. The PC version of Tomb Raider is currently available from the store at a 66 percent discount.

The discount gives gamers a Steam code to buy the game for only $16. Greenman's deal saves gamers about $34. Buying the game straight from Steam currently costs $49.99.

Tomb Raider came out last February to decent reviews. Critics liked the Uncharted-esque combat featured in the game. Commentators were also pleased to see that the story of Laura Croft returned to form with an engaging character arc.

The Square Enix title was a complete reboot for the long running series. After two movies and 16 years of games it was decided that the series was in need of a complete remake. The game goes back to Croft's origins and develops the character from early on in her adventures. Tomb Raiders combat took cues from current generation titles such as Uncharted and Assassins Creed. The game featured open-world elements, added cinematic flair and improved gunplay.

Along with the Tomb Raider deal, Greenman Gaming is also offer other sales on Square Enix's lineup. The site is currently selling Sleeping Dogs at a 66 percent discount. Sleeping Dogs can currently be had for $9.51. The deal is a slight markdown from the $12.49 deal that Steam is currently offering on the title. 

Despite solid sales on Tomb Raider, the game failed to recoup production costs. Square Enix has reported that the title failed to live up to the company's expectations. The title sold about 3.4 million units worldwide. Slightly less than Square Enix was hoping for. Missed expectations led Square Enix to fire former CEO Yoichi Wada. He was let go from the firm quickly after the release of last quarter's earnings. Hopefully, the quick deals will be able to jump start the company's sales.

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