'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: PvP Battles and Trading Will Finally Be Included?

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 17, 2016 06:00 AM EST

Niantic keeps releasing new "Pokemon Go" updates and features which is why fans will surely be returning to join the adventure again. "Pokemon Go" has seen a steady decline of users but it has definitely gone back up after the latest news and updates.

According to reports, 100 new "Pokemon Go" characters wil be introduced to the wild and more features will be added buy Niantic come December. The much awaited Player Vs Player feature and the trading system might be introduced by December together with the cute baby Pokemon.

The "Pokemon Go" updates mentioned above may not surprise fans since it has already been mentioned countless times but, the new "Pokemon Go" baby update might. If or when this will be released, "Pokemon Go" fans will now be able to grow their baby Pokemon, instead of the regular hatching.

Another update that may have fans waiting on the edge of their seats is the announcement that a new Legendary Pokemon will be introduced to "Pokemon Go" soon. The Pokemon Tyranitar is already considered as part of the God Tier and will most likely be extremely powerful with combat power of around 3654.

The latest "Pokemon Go" update released by Niantic already contained another update for the iPhone and Android users. The latest tracking feature that was previously considered as a cheat may actually be added by Niantic themselves but, nothing is final for "Pokemon Go" until Niantic releases an official announcement.

It can be recalled that the old tracker that Niantic developed for selected areas was removed from the game. The fans who were lucky enough to use them were surprised by the sudden change but Niantic promised that they will be returning this feature soon.

Fans should definitely watch out for more "Pokemon Go" updates if they want to experience the latest features. With the track that the creators are treading, "Pokemon Go" will definitely remain as one of the popular games in the market.

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