'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Thanksgiving Event Begins November 21? Poke-Coins Triple In Value - Pidgey, Fearow, Psyduck Increased Spawn Rate?

By LA Zamora , Updated Nov 17, 2016 04:37 AM EST

It's been a while since Niantic released a massive update for "Pokemon Go." With the success of "Pokemon Go" Halloween update, Niantic is reportedly planning to release a second wave of "Pokemon Go" updates for Thanksgiving. 

'Pokemon Go' Latest Update: Shower Of Treats For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and live in the spirit of gratitude and generosity. With this in mind, players are speculating that Niantic's "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving update might have more perks and bonuses than the Halloween update.

If the "Pokemon Go" update for Halloween was full of treats with no tricks, the "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving update is expected to allow the players to earn more coins in a faster and easier way. Although there is still no specific details on what the "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving update has to offer, the players are encouraged to participate in the said update and in-game event to have the opportunity for limited perks and bonuses.

Similar to the "Pokemon Go" update for Halloween, the "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving update is expected to give twice or thrice the number of coins for every pocket monster caught. Mechanics and scoring for the "Pokemon Go" latest update have yet to be announces.

'Pokemon Go' Latest Update: Thanksgiving Update In Selected Countries Only?

"Pokemon Go" is available around the world but not every country celebrates Thanksgiving. With this in mind, players are wondering if the "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving update will be rolled out worldwide or only in countries celebrating Thanksgiving. Niantic has yet to confirm if the "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving update will be for selected countries only.

'Pokemon Go' Latest Update Release Date

Since Thanksgiving in the US falls on November 24, Niantic is projected to begin rolling out "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving update by November 21 and will end on November 25. Take this with a grain of salt though as Niantic has yet to give the specific dates for the "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving update. 


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