‘Battlefield 1’ Latest News & Update: Hardcore Servers Go Live Across All Platforms! Battlefest Event Facts Revealed! More Gameplay Details

By Vittorio Hernandez , Updated Nov 17, 2016 09:42 AM EST

DICE recently released a massive update for the title which activated a feature requested long ago by "Battlefield 1" players. The developer activated hardcore servers which became available by 4 a.m. PT on Thursday for all platforms.

All the player has to do is log into “Battlefield 1” to find hardcore servers to play on. There is no need for additional updates or downloads since the platform was included in DICE’s Fall Update. The update came with a server-side switch flip from DICE and addressed various enhancements, bug fixes and other changes, Gamerant reported.

Game owners who want to rent their “Battlefield 1” could use the newly added Rent-A-Server program and then allow the renter to set up his own private “Battlefield 1” server. It is similar to “Battlefield 4” private servers which allow players to dictate things such as different gameplay options and map rotation.

Changing The Gameplay

Compared to normal "Battlefield 1" servers, hardcore is different in that it introduces several variables to change the gameplay. Although DICE did not provide so many details, the studio indicated different settings of various hardcore servers may have different settings which range from lack of minimap to ability to spot enemies disabled and crosshair removed completely.

DICE also included in the "Battlefield 1" fall update several quality of life fixes and changes to the experience. One major change is with the popular Operations mode by giving the attacking side more tickets to work with, reducing the flag capture tie and boosting the amount of tickets regained after retreating enemies are killed. The balance changes would help attackers win a few more games.

Battlefest Event

The studio also launched a new event for the World War I shooter, the “Battlefest,” which runs between Nov. 16 and 27. Gamers who log into “Battlefield 1” would receive giveaways such as a special “Battlefest” dog tag which would not be handed out until Nov. 28. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Battlefield 1" news and updates!


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