'Street Fighter 5' Latest News & Updates: Possible Overpowered Akuma Could Cause Problem? More New Characters Coming? Wish List of Characters Continues

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 17, 2016 09:19 AM EST

Capcom's "Street Fighter 5" already showed what it could do with their initial line up of characters upon release. Naturally, however, fans wanted more, and slowly, the company began releasing some of the most iconic characters ever in the franchise-but none to parallel the latest one.

During the early parts of "Street Fighter 5," fans were utterly upset over the ongoing flaws that they had to endure. Not only were the flaws a problem, but the matter of rage quitting also became a painful pill to many. This, however, seems to be changed by the fact that the demon himself is now declared to be the next one to join the roster.

According to a teaser that went viral, Gouki or Akuma as some may know is now to be part of the "Street Fighter 5" roster as a downloadable content character. To make things better, fans are saw the biggest and most interesting giveaway of all-the kanji on the back of Akuma that those with keen eyes noticed to not be the usual imprint. Those who have been loyal to the entire "Street Fighter" saga can recall that the logo is not a new one, but something that many have not seen in the longest time.

Event Hubs reported that the kanji now says "god-like," and could even insinuate a more powerful being. As some may know, this will most likely be Shin Akuma, as seen back in the "Capcom vs. SNK 2" title, but the real threat may not stop there. This could also mean that upon the activation of the V-trigger, the character could then become the aforementioned all-powerful being, which poses quite the force for the other characters in "Street Fighter 5."

There may be dread as well on who will join the second season of "Street Fighter 5." Some reports suggested that fans' wish lists could be heard, which could mean that C. Viper, Cody, Noembelu, Maki, Dudley and Oni could surface as well. Oni is one of the most wanted additions, as some say, apart from Akuma that would do well for the title if made properly. It may be too early to tell if these characters will be considered, but all hopes and speculations can be withheld at this point as a grain of salt.

Will "Street Fighter 5" opt for these characters on season 2? Check back for more news and updates here at GamenGuide.

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