Why PSN Is Better Than Xbox Live [OPINION]

By Ural Garrett , Updated May 27, 2013 08:22 AM EDT

Sony's Playstation Network never could reach the god-like status of Microsoft's groundbreaking Xbox Live in the eyes of many. Things didn't get any better a few years ago in which account hacks and security breaches forced the service to be shut down for weeks. Hell, even Congress had to get involved. On the contrary, the service for quite some time has done a phenomenal job of delivering a Sony branded online experience. In some areas, PSN has delivered many things that many have demanded from Xbox Live from the beginning. Here are some things that Sony's online service better than its Microsoft rival. 

Multiplayer is Free 

PS3 users don't pay extra to enjoy multiplayer on their consoles. Excluding used game online passes and MMORPGs, it's completely free. There isn't a ridiculous "silver" or "gold" standard.  Many people who own PS3 and Xbox Live notice that while Microsoft's service may be more stable, Sony's works well above standard. Online PC gaming has been free for decades so what are users really getting of importance through Xbox Live.  For those who just want to enjoy online multiplayer gaming casually makes Xbox Live a pain. 

Users Technically Don't Have to Pay [Again] for Netflix 

Netflix has evolved from alternative online rental service to movie streaming service that rivals broadcast and cable TV. For the price of almost ten dollars a month, users can stream an almost infinite number of movies and television shows. For Netflix account holders to use the service on Xbox Live, they have to be "gold members." That means that Xbox360 users pay more than Sony. Sony just requires owners to just have a Netflix account. This is why more people statistically(http://www.gamenguide.com/articles/6703/20130516/porn-heading-next-gen-consoles-nsfw.htm) use their PS3s for Netflix than Xbox360. 

Better Incentives for Playstation Plus Members 

Sony does have a competitively priced Playstation Plus program for those who really want to get the most out of their console. Members who pay $17.99 for three months or $50 to enroll for a full year can enjoy some pretty cool incentives. That means really good discounts on things like newer releases and most importantly, free games during the membership cycle. These aren't cheap bargain bin titles either. Games like Vanquish, Demon's Soul, Sleeping Dogs and Little Big Planet 2 are downloadable. What does Xbox Live Gold have to offer? Multiplayer and early access to demos.

Free Games that are of Quality 

There are even free games for those who aren't Playstation Plus Members. Recently, Sony made DC Universe free-to-play to everyone through the now standard "freemium" model. Last year, Halfbrick Studios made the award winning Jetpack Joyride free for everyone. 

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