Sony And Lego Partner For Next Gen Lego Playsets

By James Dohnert , Updated May 28, 2013 12:29 PM EDT

Lego is fearful that kids will began to dump their toys for video games and other electronic media. The toy company believes that the popularity of gaming consoles and interactive toys will leave it in the dust with toys like the tamagotchi. In an effort to stem the changing tide, Lego has started working with Sony to build legos that can be controlled with a Playstation controller. According to PCWorld, Lego is working with the electronics maker on Legos that have added sensors, cameras and motors.

The experimental effort gives legos the ability to be controlled like many robots. Sony says the added functionality allowed for Lego toys to be more interactive while keeping them the same size.

"Lego is concerned about losing kids to video games," Ganta Kondo from Sony's research and development division tells PCWorld. "We want to keep the size small, but add interactive games."

PCWorld got to see an exclusive demo of the project. The demonstration saw two motorized legos racing each other using a wireless Playstation 3 controller. Sony believes that system could be used to create Lego battles where players would fight each other off using uniquely built Lego figures.

The project is still in the early stages of development. Sony reports that the toys currently suffer from poor battery life because of the tiny parts needed to control a Lego. The company says it has yet to decide when, and if, the project will ever reach consumers.

Sony showed off the project as part of its open house at Sony Labs in Tokyo. Along with the Lego project, Sony also showed off head-mounted video displays and Android-controlled home appliances at the open house.

Lego has come a long way in its efforts to adapt to the changing world of toys. The brand has begun working with game developers to make video games using their classic figurines. Lego Star Wars has been a long running franchise for the brand. While games such as Lego City: Undercover saw the company take its games in unique directions. Lego City was a GTA-inspired title that followed the journey of an undercover cop in a city built on Legos.

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