Minecraft Meets Man of Steel In Incredible New Animation [VIDEO]

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 28, 2013 01:14 PM EDT

Creative-minded gamers have been using the popular world-building game Minecraft to recreate locales and scenes from their favorite movies, games, and TV shows ever since the software launched back in 2011. It was only a matter of time until someone gave Man of Steel the Minecraft treatment, and the result is potentially more breathtaking than the film's actual live-action trailers.

Steelehouse Digital is certainly excited for Warner Brothers' new Superman flick, so much so that they completely re-created the films original trailer, "An Ideal Hope" using only the Minecraft engine. The original audio from the trailer is used, creating an adorably profound synergy between the actual source material and the extra-pixelated characters that have come to define the Minecraft franchise. Every scene from Kal-El being sent from Krypton to Earth to the hero sitting in handcuffs next to Lois Lane is Mine-crafted in painstaking detail, and you'll need a heart of stone to not get nerd chills when you see Metropolis exploding through a Lego-like filter.

Minecraft is just as much a tool as it is a game, and the creations the title spawns have become their own art form altogether. Fans from all over the world frequently post their own Minecraft works on sites such as DeviantArt, with images inspired by everything from Pokemon to Doom. Mine of Steel certainly isn't the first major trailer to get the Mine treatment; YouTube user Avemagna dude created this Minecraft adaptation of the Assassins Creed III trailer as well as Mine Effect 3, a lovably pixelated version of Bioware's Mass Effect 3 trailer. Many of these videos are hosted on the ever popular Machinima network and are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Were you impressed by Mine of Steel? More importantly, would you prefer the actual Man of Steel movie to be presented in pixels and blocks?

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