Warner Brothers Interactive pledges Wii U support

Warner Brothers Interactive pledges Wii U support

Publisher says that they believe in the potential of Nintendo's console, which is struggling now.

by Ural Garrett

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 will support used games, retail for $399

Sony jabs Microsoft left and right by announcing used games support, indie developer self publishing, and lower price point for PlayStation 4 (PS4).

by Ural Garrett

Mine of Steel

Minecraft Meets Man of Steel In Incredible New Animation [VIDEO]

Steelhouse uses Minecraft to completely re-create the 'Man of Steel' traler. You'll want to watch this.

by Mike Andronico

Dying Light

Techland Teaming With Warner Brothers For Survival Horror/Free Running Hybrid Dying Light

Dead Island meets Mirror’s Edge? Zombie, please.

by Ural Garrett

Man of Steel

Man Of Steel Trailer Is SUPER: The Movie Better Be As Good (Video)

Lets see if Zack Snyder can really redeem himself after "Sucker Punch."

by Ural Garrett

Justice League

Justice League Movie: Will It Ever Take Off?

More importantly, can it compete against The Avengers?

by Ural Garrett

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