NES Classic Edition Latest News & Update: Console Sold Out Everywhere; Walmart Promises Stocks Until November 18; When Will Nintendo Release More?

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 18, 2016 06:44 AM EST

Nintendo's NES Classic Edition is the latest version of 1985 original NES. As it gives '80s nostalgia, NES Classic Edition is already sold out in all retail stores. Nintendo will release more stocks -- but not for this year. However, Walmart promises its customers that new stocks will be available soon.

NES Classic Edition Latest News: Sold Out After A Week

NES Classic Edition is a tiny box with 30 games that is plugged into the TV. These games include those that are released in the '80s and '90s. According to Stuff, the NES Classic Edition competitive price, '80s experience, and near-Christmas release date make it already hard to find. Even if only one week has passed since it was released on November 10, NES Classic Edition is already out of stock in the market.

Nintendo game retailers sell the NES Classic Edition for $59.99 or £45.00. If you have not pre-ordered NES Classic Edition, you will have a difficulty in finding a store that can provide you the console. There was a massive interest for the console since its release was announced and a lot of fans already pre-ordered the items. Hence, most stores have already sold all their NES Classic Edition in just days. Few remaining consoles in Amazon and Best buy are also scheduled for online orders. Buying overseas is also possible but NES Classic Edition shortage has already become global.

NES Classic Edition Latest News: When Will Nintendo Release More?

Nintendo does not sell NES Classic Edition through its own channels and authorized resellers. They sell the consoles through game retailers that will ask them to buy back all unsold items. To decrease the risk of overproducing and buying back items, Nintendo has released only limited stocks; but they will likely release more in 2017.

Customers who have purchased NES Classic Edition are also reselling the console. You can purchase it on Trade Me. However, the price is already two to ten times the original retail price. NES Classic Edition consoles are sold from $200 to $350.

According to Forbes, Walmart will provide more NES Classic Edition stocks to those who really want to get their hands on the console. Walmart will be making new NES Classic Edition stock at 2 p.m. PST every day for a week. This deal started last November 14 and will last only until November 18. However, the price is also a little overpriced.

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