Black Friday Sale 2016 News & Update: Microsoft Releases New Video What To Expect Xbox Sale! Title List Include ‘Xcom 2’, ‘Inside’!

By Vittorio Hernandez , Updated Nov 18, 2016 10:12 AM EST

Microsoft is beating competition by holding its Black Friday sale for the Xbox beginning Friday, Nov. 18. It is one week ahead of the real Black Friday.

To tease potential buyers of the Xbox gaming console, Microsoft released a new video what gamers could expect from the advanced sale at the Xbox Store, Gamespot reported. The sale would offer more than 250 games such as “Gears of War 4,” “NBA 2K17,” and “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Deals For Gold Members

During the 11-day sale from Nov. 18 through 28, the Gold membership would be available for owners of Xbox and Xbox 360 for only $1 for the first month. More details about the Gold membership would be announced on Black Friday, Nov. 25.

Destructoid pointed out that the Black Friday sale is already live for Xbox Gold members, although available game titles are those that have been discounted throughout 2016. But Gold members are advised to check again its list on Black Friday when more deals would be available, possibly for exclusive deals such as “Gears of War 4” being placed on sale.

Title Lists

The current list includes better Xbox games from 2016 such as “Xcom 2, “Inside” and “Hyper Light Drifter.” Deep Silver titles offer price cuts on decent titles and Metro remasters such as “Saints Row IV” and “Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell” for $11, considered an exceptional deal.

Tweaktown reported that for the fourth consecutive month, the Xbox One beat the Sony Playstation 4 from July through November 2016. The two gaming consoles were made available for public purchase in 2013, but the PS4 outsold Xbox One until June. The surge in sales of the Microsoft console is due to the hefty price cut on Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox One S console.

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