‘No Man's Sky’ Latest News & Update: Designer Abandons Hello Games to Work on 'Star Citizen'? Gamers Lost Interest After He Left?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 18, 2016 09:26 AM EST

"No Man's Sky" did not really made great impact to gamers when it was first released in August. Rather than praise, it was bombarded with complaints and negative feedback that Hello Games was so overwhelmed with the unpleasant welcome.

Since them, Hello Games assured fans they will continuously work to improve the "No Man's Sky."Although the game developer was able to issue a few updates to fix bugs and introduce some add-ons, most players are still not satisfied. In the end, many just opted to refund their money.

Now, even after the exhausting months of endless testings and development of updates, it seems that "No Man's Sky" continues to decline. This is a big blow to Hello Games because they have put much effort, time and investment for this project but it seems that no matter what they do, the results are more on the bad side.

And while "No Man's Sky" is struggling to keep afloat, it was reported that one of the game's desginer Gareth Bourn has already resigned from Hello Games. He spent six years with the company and his resignation was sudden.

What makes his resignation a bit controversial is the fact that the transferred to Foundry 42, the developer of upcoming another star exploration single-player game called "Star Citizen." Also, he left at time when "No Man's Sky" is in chaos.

Further, with this situation, it is easy to assume that he had given up on "No Man's Sky." Perhaps, he thinks the game is going nowhere so just left? Well, many gamers believe so and they do not expect any update from Hello Games anymore, especially now that Bourn is out of the picture.

Meanwhile, Bourn's departure from "No Man's Sky" team was revealed after some eagle-eyed gaming fans noticed that his LinkedIn page has changed. His job description now shows that he is a Live Designer at Foundry42 Ltd and Hello Games is listed as previous company.

To conclude, although it is common for game developers to change jobs within the gaming industry, Bourn's case is different. Looking at it all, it is quite perplexing that a senior member of the "No Man's Sky" team is quitting at such a crucial time for Hello Games.

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