'Star Citizen' Features, Platforms, Characters & Storyline: Starters Game Package Offers Extras, Game Engine Switch From Crytek To Amazon

'Star Citizen' Features, Platforms, Characters & Storyline: Starters Game Package Offers Extras, Game Engine Switch From Crytek To Amazon

"Star Citizen", a crowd funded game developed by Cloud Imperium Games will be launched in 2017 with a new and enhanced game engine. It will be moving from Crytek's Cry Engine to the Amazon Engine with extras and subscription intended not only for newbies but also for the veterans of the game.

by Paige McClure

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 GAMEPLAY Walkthrough GAMESCOM 2016

'Star Citizen' Features, Gameplay & Platforms: $100 M Kickstarter Game Launch Coming Up, Available In Pre-Release Alpha Play

"Star Citizen" is a community funded game that has gain a huge support of funding amounting to $100 million through Kickstarter.

by Paige McClure

Star Citizen - 2.6 Hands On Gameplay - Testing Star Marine

'Star Citizen' Latest News & Updates: Station Damien & Echo Eleven on Star Marine; Test Players On A Mission

The "Star Citizen" Alpha Patch 2.6.0 is finally here, bringing the two most awaited modes for the first person shooter, Star Marine.

by Andrea Lou

Star Citizen: Star Marine Preview

‘Star Citizen’ Release Date, Gameplay, News & Updates: Alpha 2.6 Patch Coming In December; Star Marine Game Mode Revealed; Details Here!

The Alpha 2.6 version of Star Citizen will arrive on Dec. 8 featuring the Star Marine mode.

by Andrea Lou

Star Citizen: Galactic Tour Aegis Ships

‘Star Citizen’ Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay & Update; Teases Show Exotic Ships & More Adventure

The new trailer for “Star Citizen” will have more adventure as indicated from its latest trailor with exotic ships and improved gear-styles.

by Susmita Pathak Mishra

Star Citizen: Patch 3.0 & 2.6 Features

‘Star Citizen’ Release Date, News & Update: CIG Releases Production Timeline; Highly-Anticipated ‘Alpha 2.6’ Out December 8?

Now you are able to track “Star Citizen’s” progress with the help of Chris Robert’s regular updates.

by Arianne Gift

Sony Holds Press Event At E3 Gaming Conference Unveiling New Products For Its Playstation Game Unit

‘No Man's Sky’ Latest News & Update: Designer Abandons Hello Games to Work on 'Star Citizen'? Gamers Lost Interest After He Left?

"No Man's Sky" is being abandoned? Staffs of Hello Games reportedly leaving one by one.

by Louise Bonquin

Fans can now play Star Citizen for free

‘Star Citizen’ News and Updates: Alpha Version Free to Play Until End of the Month

Star Citizen will be available to play for free until the end of the month. Some additional content includes a new aircraft.

by Jeanvan

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Will Require Roughly 100 GB Of Storage, New Video Shows Off Ship Damage Model

Video game storage requirements have been getting larger and larger over the past few years as more advanced visuals and features require more hard drive space. Titanfall turned some heads with its storage demands on PC, but Star Citizen is taking it to a whole new level.

by Matthew Buzzi

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Funding Reaches $63 Million, Next Milestone Will Add Pets To The Game

Crowd-sourcing darling Star Citizen has gone beyond $63 million in funding, completing another impressive milestone in its development process.

by Matthew Buzzi

Star Citizen Cap

Star Citizen First Person Shooter Module Revealed, Adds Yet Another Dimension To $60 Million Crowdfunding Game

The upcoming crowd-funding smash hit Star Citizen is known for its space flight simulation and highly detailed ships and graphics, but did you know there's a first person shooter component?

by Matthew Buzzi

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