‘The Sims 4: City Living’ Uptown District Guide: List of Apartments, Price, Lot Traits; Where Should Your Sim Move? Cheats, Tips, Tricks

By Laine Lucas , Updated Nov 19, 2016 10:33 AM EST

"The Sims 4: City Living" expansion introduces the new world of San MyShuno, where Sims are able to rent apartments. San MyShuno is composed of four districts namely: The Spice Market, The Arts Quarter, The Fashion District, and Uptown. Out of the four, the final district - Uptown - is home to gorgeous high-rise structures that only rich Sims can afford to visit and own.

Uptown - The High-End District

"The Sims 4: City Living" Uptown is also the place where well-off Sims can relax in a rooftop lounge and workout in a sophisticated gym. This is also the district where Sims, who have reached the top-level of their careers, can retire and get a spot in the topmost part of the buildings just to get an excellent view of San MyShuno. Once you have persevered enough to store up millions of Simoleons (or once you have cheated to get the amount you need), you can already find your haven of choice in Uptown.

Apartments to Get in Uptown

The most affordable apartment in "The Sims 4: City Living" Uptown district is the 1020 Alto Apartments, currently occupied by the middle-aged critic, Lobo. The building has one bedroom and 2 bathrooms. The weekly rental costs $2,500, but a deposit of $12,500 is needed. Fully-furnished Alto Apartments cost $63,580. This apartment possesses the unique lot trait, Romantic Fireplace, which gives Sims the flirty moodlet when they are near the fireplace.

1010 Alto Apartments comes next in the list, having a rental cost of $3,500, an initial deposit of $15,000 and a fully-furnished deal at $100,215. It possesses the lot trait, Chef's Kitchen. It's currently unoccupied in "The Sims 4: City Living." Next is the IX Landgraab, occupied by the Fengs. Weekly rental is at $3,750 with a fully-furnished price of $76,630.

Your Sims might want to live at VIII Landgraab, which has a rental fee of $5,000. The two-bed and two-bath apartment has the Great View, Serviced Apartment lot traits. When fully-furnished, it costs $98,420. Lastly in "The Sims 4: City Living" Uptown apartment, is the 888 Spire Apartments, which offers two bedrooms and three bathrooms. With a Great View lot trait, your Sims can move into this new home for $7,500 weekly.

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