Official "Star Wars" Drones Are Announced To Be Available Next Week For Only $230 Each

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Nov 19, 2016 11:56 AM EST

The sale of "Star Wars" Drones will be perfect for the launching of the movie next month. It was reported that "Star Wars" Drones will be on sale next week at $230.

Purchasers can pre order the official "Star Wars" Drones on Nov. 22, 2016 via the manufacturer, Propel's Website according to Wired. The four drones are flying speeding bike, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon and Tie fighter.

However, the Brookstone announced that purchasers can directly pay actual U.S. dollars to be shipped next week. The drones will also be available to some retailers but the price has not been released for them yet. It is only expected that the price will be from $200-$300.

It is good news for all users as the Official "Star Wars" Drones will be delivered after Thanksgiving. The speed of quadcopters is approximately 40mph, but if it is in a Millennium Falcon, it can reach up to 50mph. It features a round of Rebel-Empire laser tag which users can use to aim and "shoot" other drones.

These official "Star Wars" drones are better than the previous drones. The Brookstone will sell the Tie Advanced X1 Starfighter as well as the 74-Z speeder Bike Wing starfighter drone models according to The Verge.

The millennium falcon has an iconic space. However, it does not fly. There is a huge difference between the official "Star Wars" drones and the millennium falcon but they can be played together in battling laser tags. These soon to release drones are amazing in terms of its performance. The drone technology is ideal in Prophel team in order to make consumers experience various exciting battles. The official "Star Wars" drones has a Li-Fi technology.

The release of the official "Star Wars" drones will be a perfect timing for Christmas. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" will also be premiering on December.

A lot of fans will surely purchase "Star Wars" merchandise and the company strongly believes that consumers wouldn't be disappointed if they buy a "Star Wars" Battling Drones. These drones are not only good when it comes to flyng, but it is also completely equipped for dogfights in the sky.

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