Tetris Creator is back with mobile-exclusive 'Marbly' [REVIEW]

By Mike Andronico , Updated Jun 02, 2013 04:35 PM EDT

Even though Alexey Pajnitov's Tetris has been available on iOS (and just about any electronic device ever) for quite some time, puzzle addicts may find themselves in search of something new after topping their high score for the hundredth time.

And while there are no shortage of excellent puzzle games available for free or cheap on the App Store, Pajnitov is back to prove his mastery of the genre with Marbly. The new title, which is the first one Pajnitov designed exclusively for mobile devices, is currently available for free for anyone with a current iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via Wildsnake Software.

At first glance, Marbly looks like it packs the classic "match-three" formula that has made games like Bejewled and Candy Crush so successful. However, the game has its own intelligent twist that reminds the player that this is a product of Mr. Tetris himself. 

While the average iOS puzzler allows players to rack up as many trios of colors as they can within a time or score limit, Marbly poses a unique challenge by providing gamers with a different playing field for every stage. There are only a few marbles per stage, so players must make careful decisions on where to move each one (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) in order to clear the level. It's simple enough for the casual gamer, and diehard puzzle fanatics will appreciate the strategic planning needed to make every move successful.

The title packs over 180 puzzles designed by Pajnitov, in addition to daily challenges and Game Center support. Like any free-to-play mobile game, Marbly offers you a few free hints and solutions for when you're in a pinch, with the option to buy more via real-life money.

Tired of playing Tetris every day on your phone (or your old monochrome Game Boy)? With a fresh concept and tons of free content, there's no reason not to give Marbly a spin. Whether you want to beat your friends high scores or would prefer to spend hours shattering your own, puzzle fans will find plenty to love about this new offering from the house that Tetris built.

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