‘Final Fantasy 15’ Release Date, Gameplay: Unique Skills Of Four Main Characters Revealed!

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Nov 20, 2016 11:16 AM EST

With the "Final Fantasy 15" release date fast approaching, more details about the upcoming title from Square Enix have been unveiled. The latest reveal about the "Final Fantasy 15" gameplay is about the special skills of its four playable characters.

'Final Fantasy 15' Gameplay - Noctis, Prompto Gladiolus Ignis Special Skills

Initially, four playable male characters will be available to gamers when "Final Fantasy 15" release date comes. These include the prince Noctis as well as his travelling companions Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis, as previously reported by GamenGuide.

Recently, it was revealed that each playable character comes with a special skill when "Final Fantasy XV" release date arrives. For instance, Noctis is particularly fond of fishing, reports Siliconera. Players can level up his fishing skill by catching a lot of fish. The advantage is that Noctis will catching fish more easily the higher his skill becomes. In addition, fishing gears will likewise get cheaper.

On the other hand, Ignis' unique skill compliments that of Noctis. When "Final Fantasy 15" release date comes, players can utilize Ignis' special skill which is cooking. It is assured that ingredients will not be hard to come by with Ignis in charge. Apparently, Ignis is skilled in turning defeated monsters into gourmet meals, aside from Noctis' fish catch of course.

Prompto has a skill that most gamers can relate to. Apparently, among the four "Final Fantasy 15" characters, Prompto is the team's shutterbug. Levelling up Prompto's photography skill is simple, he will level up the more photos he will take. With him around, selfies will become mandatory and the perfect way to document their adventures.

Lastly, Gladiolus is all about survival. When "Final Fantasy XV" release date comes, players can rely on Gladiolus to find items in the aftermath of their battles that could prove useful later on. Levelling Gladiolus' skill is even easier, he gets more proficient by merely walking around. This means increasing the chances of finding rare items, ultimately increasing their chances of survival during the long journey.

Female 'Final Fantasy 15' Characters To Come?

For players who prefer to play as a voluptuous female character, there is still hope that female "Final Fantasy XV" characters will be introduced in the future. Apparently, Square Enix does not mind adding the fair sex to its roster of playable characters.

But there is a condition for it to happen. As previously reported by GamenGuide, the producer of a still being developed "Final Fantasy XV" DLC Haruyoshi Sawatari confirms that the team will indeed consider creating some femme fatales, provided of course that there is a real demand to justify it.

Fans can finally get their hands on the action of Square Enix's latest title. "Final Fantasy XV" release date is slated this coming November 29, 2016 and will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.


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