'Flippy Bottle Extreme!': The Addictive Filipino-Made Game Gaining Fame & Interests on Numerous Countries!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 18, 2016 09:24 AM EST

Games are always the source of entertainment among players, gamers, and an average person from different parts of the world. One game sparked interests and addiction because of the mechanics of flipping bottles on different surfaces until to the highest levels. The mechanics of the game is simple and easy that a child can even do it. This game is called "Flippy Bottle Extreme!" and it is a Filipino-made game that is in and hot today.

There is something about frustrating games...

Remembering "Flappy Bird", it was so frustrating if you do not know how to measure the exact height on how the bird rises and falls. Mainly, it requires some focus. Just like "Flappy Bird", "Flippy Bottle Extreme!" requires focus and patience in playing it because players will be flipping bottles on different surfaces and levels.

The higher the level the player plays, the more difficult it will be. Of course, considering that you are training yourself just like in sports, you will simply master it in time. Moreover, there is something about frustrating games that drags us into its world and enjoy it while players laugh at themselves for failing many times. Well, they all learn from failures.

Different bottles for different preferences

"Flippy Bottle Extreme!" gives you options on what types of bottles you will use in the game. The important thing about this is giving the game diversity and uniqueness in par with other games. Mapagu, the game's company owner, and the developer said he created this game to be in competition with other countries today.

As a graduate from Computer Science and his love for technology granted him the opportunity create this addictive game for all to play. One report from Inquirer.net states the insights gained from Mapagu. "Flippy Bottle Extreme!" app can be downloaded free from Google Play Store.

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