'Final Fantasy XV' Release Date, News & Update: Early Copies Hits Peru, Square Enix Plans a Blockade

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 20, 2016 07:17 PM EST

Developer Square Enix confirms they are aware that early copies of flagship franchise "Final Fantasy XV" hits Peru ahead of release and plans to counter this premature release. "Final Fantasy XV is supposed to launch on Tuesday next week, Nov 29.

As the "Final Fantasy XV" hype escalates nearing its release several copies leaked in Peru and people are selling them like pancakes. However, Square Enix is quick to notice the anomaly and plans to stop gamers from playing the game ahead of everybody. "Final Fantasy XV" forum discussed this problem and explores potential solutions.

There is a hint that "Final Fantasy XV" early release could be blocked by Square Enix but it raised eyebrows. Blocking legit games, albeit premature release is something unprecedented and has never happened before. It is also difficult to block a player who has a physical disc, almost to a point of impossibility. Further, the mistake could be traced from retailers who released "Final Fantasy XV" ahead of schedule.

In related development, Games Radar confirmed the prices for "Final Fantasy XV" retail. More than a week to go and gamers are going to see $60 price tag for regular edition and $90 for deluxe edition in shops. Square Enix decided to ride for the pricey road, considering that "Final Fantasy XV" is almost a decade in the making. Make no mistake about it, the title sports modern engine and never before seen tech.

Now about gameplay, expect a marathon sitting in gaming couch in "Final Fantasy XV" because half a day straight might not suffice. Square Enix confirmed that FFXV is going to eat a lot of time even going into the main storyline itself. Forget about hidden quests and such because it is going to be hard just scraping the surface.

To recall, "Final Fantasy XV was set in September but Square Enix pushed the release on Nov 29th. Hopefully, it is going to happen come Tuesday next week.

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