'Overwatch' Latest News & Update: Update 2.0 Runs Upscaled 4K; Adds Sombra, Arcade & Antarctica

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 18, 2016 06:49 AM EST

Blizzard simply added a description that "Overwatch" is now supporting PlayStation 4 Pro through update 2.0 but it is unclear what this new update can do. Albeit being a major update for the first person shooter Blizzard taunts mystery in simple enhancement written on patch note.

There was a school of thought from NeoGAF that "Overwatch" will run at 4K resolution natively if pushed to its limit but is still potentially pegged at 1080p resolution. However, initial checks for "Overwatch" graphics suggest that there are no significant changes on the looks. If there are any, menu texts display at higher resolution and crisp linings but not the game itself.

The same changes were reported by VG 24/7, when side by side comparison was done for "Overwatch" PlayStation 4 Pro running at upscaled 4K and PS4 running at 1080p. There are indeed cleaner lines on the map and crispier textures too. However, characters themselves doesn't sport any significant enhancements.

Now here is another unconfirmed change, "Overwatch" patch 2.0 is said to have improved the loading time and it is now easier to breach level 100. Meaning, Blizzard could have rebalanced the XP gains. The case is especially cool with Soldier 76 because gamers are reporting that his bullet damage increased significantly.

At any rate, what could be the biggest change in "Overwatch" is the addition of new hero Sombra, Arcade and Antarctica map. Sombra especially made a stir during reveal because of her hacking powers. Further, Sombra was confirmed to be a retrofitted old character that Blizzard finally decided to unleash. Her original powers were dispersed to other "Overwatch" characters so the development team decided to overhaul her and imbue with different set of skills.

So, have you missed the update? It is better to check out Blizzard forum first for information and possible changes that gamers have been noticing in "Overwatch."

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