'Diablo 3' Latest News & Update: Patch 2.3.4 Brings New Features, Gameplay Improvements, Required for Necromancer Update; 'Diablo 4' In the Works?

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 21, 2016 09:12 AM EST

The update patch 2.3.4 for "Diablo 3" had just been out, and fans could not get any happier as the hit video game just got more exciting and challenging with new improvements and features.

'Diablo 3' Patch 2.3.4 Updates

Since the announcement of the Necromancers downloadable content for "Diablo 3," players have been very excited with the upcoming feature. As Blizzard Entertainment promised the major update to come next year, the anticipation level for the fans just keeps getting higher with every update released.

The "Reaper of Souls" DLC had been released for PC gamers, while the "Ultimate Evil Edition" DLC came to the other platforms. These two updates will play a huge role in the "Diablo 3" gameplay. The updates are required to be installed in order for players to download the "Rise of the Necromancers" expansion next year.

The update patch 2.3.4 brought the Talisman of Akkhan as the seventh piece on the Armor of Akkhan. It also increased the power of The Saffron Wrap of Barbarian. "Diablo 3" also saw many bug fixes thanks to the new update. The patch also allows players to play a recreation of "Diablo 1" within "Diablo 3."

Fans Clamoring for "Diablo 4"

Fans were quite disappointed when Blizzard did not reveal anything even remotely close to "Diablo 4" during the Blizzcon 2016. However, they remain quite hopeful that the "Diablo 3" sequel would still be produced. However, the developers still urge the game's fans to continue enjoying and immersing themselves in the current game, instead of focusing on the anticipation for the next installment.

"Diablo 3" has been criticized for being not as dark as the previous installations in the franchise. However, the patches and updates it received have more than made up for it, occupying fans with new gameplay mechanics and features. With the looming release of "The Rise of the Necromancers" DLC, "Diablo 3" has nowhere to go but up.

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