'GTA 5' Latest News & Update: Rockstar Games Plans To Release Another Content With The Third-Person Shooter Game Despite 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Development

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 21, 2016 06:41 AM EST

It seems that Rockstar Games will have a hectic work schedule in the following months. The game developers are most likely making "Red Dead Redemption 2." With that in mind, Rockstar Games may also abandon "GTA 5" due to time management issues, but before the game developers do that, there are reports that a massive "GTA 5" DLC will be released before the year ends.

'GTA 5' Upcoming DLC

Reports suggest that a huge "GTA 5" DLC will be released in December, which will update the Biker DLC. The final installment for the "GTA 5" Biker DLC includes standard holiday gear that comes with new features, a new vehicle selling feature, and a Kill Quota Adversary Mode that is likely the Gun Game mode in "Call of Duty."

According to a "GTA 5" tipster Funmw2, "GTA 5" Biker DLC will also feature four freemode events, which were seen previously in the game's code, but were never released in the expansion pack. Funmw2 also stated that the "GTA 5" Biker DLC freemode, which is about to come, will also feature an expansion pack of its own.

New Story DLC For 'GTA 5'?

Meanwhile, there was a rumor that Rockstar Games will not continue to develop any new story DLC for "GTA 5." However, there is a recent report that Rockstar Games changed its mind and plans in reviving the original plans.

According to "GTA" commenter, Yann2295, the "GTA 5" new story DLC were 60-70% complete when Rockstar Games decided to scrapped the expansion pack. The commenter added that part of the completed work involves the mo cap, tech animations and voiceover are done, meaning all the biggest jobs are covered and the game developers can easily complete the new story DLC in no time.

However, there are no official reports that Rockstar plans to develop another new story DLC for "GTA 5" in the months to come. Stay tuned to Gamenguide for more "GTA 5" news and updates!

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