Pokemon Sun And Moon Rumors And Updates: Pokemon Stars Now In Development For The Nintendo Switch, Will Be A Launch Title

By zekiah , Updated Nov 21, 2016 07:02 PM EST

Rumors are already circling after the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon regarding its third game in the series. As with earlier entries of Pokemon, a third game  with additional features will be released sometime after the initial launch of the first games. But with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, a home/portable console hybrid, the upcoming follow up to Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released along with the console if rumors are to be true.

According to a report from Eurogamer, the third game of the series codenamed "Pokemon Stars" will be released on the Nintendo Switch on 2017 as a launch titile. Pokemon Stars as a launch title could be Nintendo's saving grace as Zelda was rumored to be delayed and will not launch with Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is in need for a successful console as its last console the Wii U is considered a flop.

Based on the report, the game was already in development alongside Pokemon Sun and Moon. As the development for Pokemon Sun and Moon wrapped up, development for Pokemon Stars was postponed to polish the first two games as the launch date was approaching. But since the games are finished, development for Stars has once again started.

This will be the first time the main entry of the Pokemon games will be available on Nintendo's home console since Pokemon  games are usually on Nintendo's portable consoles. This will be a first for Pokemon in its 20 years in the industry.  

While NIntendo did release Pokemon games on their home consoles  in the past like Pokken Tournament and Pokemon stadium, these games are considered spin-offs from the main entry of the franchise. These games only use the the characters of Pokemon in other genres and gameplay ideas and do not feature the Pokemon catching, training and battling the franchise is mostly known for.

Other reports also note that gamers who bought Pokemon Sun and Moon will not be left behind. Pokemon Stars will still be able to communicate with the older version on the Nintendo 3ds by way of Pokemon Bank. This means that the Pokemons players captured on their playthrough on Pokemon Sun and Moon will still be able to transfer their Pokemon seamlessly on the newer Pokemon Stars.

Keen viewers however can already sense this announcement as the announcement trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon revealed clues as to where several images of the developer of Pokemon games, Game Freak working on their upcoming projects were shown in split second intervals. One of the images shown was a high definition model for a new bird Pokemon PIkipek.

This image may suggest an high definition Pokemon game that can only be possible on Nintendo's home consoles. As with all rumors, we can only speculate as all are unofficial. Stay tuned for more updates on Pokemon Stars.

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