Remedy Games wants you to tweet its developers (but don't choke 'em)

By Mike Andronico , Updated Jun 06, 2013 12:18 PM EDT

Remedy Games sure has their work cut out for them for the rest of 2013. Their upcoming hybrid action title Quantum Break is one of the few known Xbox One games set to launch within the year, and is currently one of the most talked-about games of the next generation. However, a busy schedule hasn't stopped Remedy from having some fun with their fans.

The Max Payne and Alan Wake developers took to their blog recently with a post titled "Say Hello to Remedy," where they reveal a fun little office device they've engineered called the "Remedy Kitchen Twitter TV." The kitchen television will display tweets sent to the developers, which will surely provide them with some much-deserved amusement in-between long hours of game creation.

"Spending long hours at the office during summer can take its toll, especially when the building is pretty much covered with windows and all you can see is the amazing weather outside. Now we have something better to look at," said Remedy on their official blog.

Feel like reaching out to Remedy? All you need to do is make a tweet with the hashtag #HeyRMD and the Quantum Break creators just might see it when they are scarfing down meals in between coding and brainstorming sessions.

We still don't know a ton about the game Remedy is working on when they're not enjoying their new kitchen TV, other than that it will be a Microsoft-exclusive action title that will coincide with a series of live-action television clips. We've seen the box art and have gotten small glimpses at the plot, and Remedy will surely be doling out more media for the game when they're not reading the troves of tweets that are likely to come their way.

Before they began helming Quantum Break for a new generation of gamers, Remedy was responsible for crafting hit franchises such as bullet-time shooter Max Payne and psychological adventure Alan Wake. Quantum Break will be their first foray into next-gen hardware, and will be published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for the new Xbox.

Will you be reaching out to Remedy with the #HeyRMD hashtag and provide some relief to these prolific developers?

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