‘Final Fantasy XV’ Release Date, News, Spoilers & Updates: Game Leaks Worldwide, Stores Selling Copies Before Release!

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Nov 22, 2016 05:09 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" is finally slated to make its grand release to the public next week after it was first announced all the way back in 2006. However, some fans are very eager to get their hands on the game as soon as possible, and ironically enough, some stores around the world are obliging and selling copies of the game a week in advance.

As reported by Kotaku, video game stores across the world are already releasing copies of "Final Fantasy XV" to anyone who is looking to get it early. This past weekend, gamers have been reporting being able to obtain early copies of the latest Square-Enix JRPG in places such as Saudi Arabia, Peru, and various parts of Europe. These leaks are expected to be more apparent in more places of the world as the launch date draws closer.

For those who waited more than a decade to finally play "Final Fantasy XV," it can be understandable why some would want to get in on the action as soon as possible. However, for those who choose to wait a little longer, be careful since spoiler videos and analysis from eager gamers have been surfacing which could ruin one's experience of the final product if unprepared.

According to Digital Spy, these spoilers have made headlines in sites such as Neogaf and 4Chan. Square Enix has made a myriad of details, plot points, and gameplay available to the public for a while now, but there are still elements of "Final Fantasy XV" that have been kept under wraps. The mid-late chapters of the story, the progression of gameplay mechanics, and numerous critical plot points of the game's plot have been saved for the final product.

"Final Fantasy XV" director Hajime Tabata released an official statement regarding the unexpected leaks and implored fans to wait until the official release date. Tabata stated that it is their goal to have everyone enjoy the story of "Final Fantasy XV" and discover its surprises through the simultaneous global release. There are likely other spoiler videos circulating out there that gamers had not expected, so for people who have been looking forward to "Final Fantasy XV," Tabata stated to be careful. 

It has already been noted that this installment of the "Final Fantasy" series will be unlike any other game. "Final Fantasy XV" is looking to depart from many of the series' norms in order to progress the legendary RPG franchise into the new generation of gaming. FFXV is slated to officially release worldwide on November 29 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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