‘Final Fantasy XV’ Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Jaw-Dropping Day & Night Cycle To Be Included, Will It Be Exclusive To PS4 Pro?

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Nov 21, 2016 06:35 AM EST

These days, fans expect a whole lot from open-world RPGs from major game studios just like the "Final Fantasy XV." Given the rapid acceleration of game development in the last decade, gamers want to feel more and more immersed in the games that they are playing, especially one where you take on the role of a character.

The world must feel alive and full of character to make the game world believable and stunningly real. "Final Fantasy XV" is not holding back and Square Enix is stepping up to the plate to offer its fans an RPG experience like no other.

According to Gamespresso, one of the recent and most beautiful features of "Final Fantasy XV" is a feature of a day and night cycle. The time of day and how it reflects the world around the player has been in the RPG checklist for a while now, but Square Enix has taken this feature and ramped it up to a whole new level.

During a "Final Fantasy XV" gameplay demonstration provided by Dual Shockers, they explained how the day and night cycle in the PS4 Pro look absolutely gorgeous. In the video, a sped-up time-lapse shows how clouds float in the sky and roll past naturally, how the sun rises in a brilliant golden radiance and sets with hues of oranges and purples. Finally, when night settles, stars start to come out and shine beautifully.

As reported by Techno Buffalo, this is the last demo for "Final Fantasy XV" but is only accessible in Japan. Although the day and night cycle looks much prettier on the PS4 Pro, the feature will be available for all console ports as well. The open-world Square Enix has built is starting to shape up really nicely and fans are getting excited with high hopes for this game that has been nearly eleven years in the making.

The next installment of the legendary "Final Fantasy" series is slated to finally be released on November 29, 2016. "Final Fantasy XV" will be available on the PS4 and the Xbox One with no apparent PC release yet to be announced.

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