'Final Fantasy 15' Release Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Players Are Warned For Early Copies Circulating, What We Know So Far!

By Monica Rodriguez , Updated Nov 22, 2016 05:00 AM EST

A new trailer for "Final Fantasy 15" has just been released by Square Enix. Aside from the new video, there are also early copies of the game going around.

In a report from Polygon, director Hajime Tabata shares his thoughts on the early copies going around for "Final Fantasy 15." He states that there are distributions of the said game in some regions that are not authorized. He further explains that these kind of situations are sometimes uncontrollable he is regretful about it.

 Tabata further expressed that there are spoilers coming for "Final Fantasy 15." He also is asking for those who already have copies of the game, to respect those who are waiting for the official launch. The team has been working hard for the game to complete and wait for the final launch date.

Kotaku reports that players of "Final Fantasy 15" are warned for spoilers coming from the early copies being released. Square Enix hopes that the game will give the players a fresh start once it is officially launched.

Square Enix also reported that everything is done from their end in order to prevent these distributions of early copies of the "Final Fantasy 15." The goal of the team is to have all players enjoy what the new game has to offer.

Meanwhile, a report from Gadgets 360 indicates that "Final Fantasy 15" has a day one patch. This patch is already live and includes new items for the game. There are also cutscenes and cutscene adjustments. Aside from the already mentioned features, the game also has deeper combat and driving mechanics.

These features may be included in the day one patch that has been out but there was a previous statement from Tabata that when "Final Fantasy 15" is officially launched, players do not need a patch for it.

As of this time, there are already several spoilers on "Final Fantasy 15." The game is to be officially launched on November 29, 2016.

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