‘Fallout 4’ Latest News & Update: Mods Now Available on PlayStation 4; Most Amazing PS4 Mods Each Player Should Download Right Now

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 22, 2016 09:05 AM EST

While "Fallout 4" has been one of the best video game titles released last year, mods for the PlayStation 4 console had just recently arrived. Fans should be thankful more than complaining though, as it has been revealed that Sony actually refused to approve the mods that Bethesda wished to implement.

In a statement, Bethesda has revealed that the console manufacturer did not approve user mods the way they are supposed to work, where players could actually do anything they want. This goes for both "Fallout 4" and the "Skyrim Special Edition." Fast forward to today though, and Bethesda had already released update 1.8, which now brings mods to the PlayStation 4. With the newly supported mods on the PlayStation 4, here are five of them worth looking at.

Limited Minutemen Quests

With this nifty mod at the player's might, Preston Garvey will considerately wait for you to finish all the Minutemen missions you are already trying to accomplish before he offers another one. This gives the "Fallout 4" players less pressure in helping out settlements.

Wild Plants and Alcohol for Settlements

This "Fallout 4" mod allows the players to forage and plant wild vegetation such as hubflowers and brain fungus. They can then be treated like they domesticated counterparts, as long as they are present in the Settlement inventory. Space-efficient planters and crafting recipes for Gwinnett beers and Bobroy's Best Moonshine are also added.

Settlement Build Budget x10

This very useful and efficient mod in "Fallout 4" for PlayStation 4 gives the player ten times more stuff to work with on the settlements. However, this mod only works on the new games. The creator had stated that the restrictions on mods imposed by Sony made it somehow impossible to retroactively increase the settlement build budgets.

Powerful Minigun of the Gods

This powerful mod for "Fallout 4" increases the minigun damage from the base 8 to 100. It then improves the accuracy and ammo capacity of the weapon to 5,000. The said minigun can be acquired at Arturo for 15 caps.

Get All Perks

As the name implies, this mod gives the player all the perks in "Fallout 4." The PS4 mod also gives the player a standard assault rifle, 9,999 ammo, 9,999 stimpacks, and 99,999 caps in a foot locker, should the need arises.

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