Hellraid E3 2013 trailer out - What you should know

By Mike Andronico , Updated Jun 06, 2013 10:51 PM EDT

While E3 has become heavy on sequels and hardware reveals, there are always the few original IPs that manage to catch the attention of eager gamers. Those anticipating something fresh can at least look forward to the newest creation from the house that built Dead Island.

Developers Techland has just released the official E3 2013 trailer for their upcoming Hellraid game, which is chock-full of moody atmospheres, zombie-like creatures, and... skeletons. Lots and lots of skeletons.

The minute-long trailer starts off with a bleak look at a foggy, deserted town, before unleashing hordes of some unique-looking undead bodies. The action appears to be melee-heavy and takes place in first person, much like previous Techland releases such as Dead Island and Call of Juarez. The most striking moment of the entire video hits at the end, when the player is cofronted with hordes and hordes of evil skeletons, which crumble on impact when struck down by the player. Anyone with a softspot for virtual violence against the undead will likely find lots to love here.

If Hellraid looks like a more mystical take on Dead Island, well... technically it is. The game is rooted in a mod that a Dead Island coder decided to throw together for fun, according to GamesRadar. Techland was so pleased with this new setting for spiling blood that they decided to churn the concept into a stand-alone game for the masses.

As demonstrated by popular titles such as Call of Juarez and Dead Island: Riptide, first-person action is clearly Techland's forte. As such, the game looks like it will please fans of either franchise, while providing something new in the form of powerful magical abilities. Whether you want to call it Dishonored with zombies or an updated version of beloved 90s game Hexen, there is plenty for both shooter and science-fiction fans to sink their blades into.

There still isn't much information available regarding Hellraid, but that is almost guaranteed to change when E3 comes around next week. Will Hellraid allow for co-op adventures like it's spiritual predecessor, or will this be a stand-alone adventure? Eager hack-and-slashers will have to wait and see.

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