‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News & Update: Tips To Breed Pokemon, Hatch Eggs At A Faster Rate

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 22, 2016 08:30 AM EST

Many Nintendo 3DS players have immersed themselves in the interesting new world of the recently released game "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Latest gaming news revealed some gaming tips to help players in breeding Pokemon creatures and hatching eggs in the said game.

The highly anticipated gaming title "Pokemon Sun and Moon" finally made its way into the hands of avid fans. With a Hawaiian-themed world, the new Nintendo 3DS game captured the interest of loyal gamers and new players with its well-loved features coupled with several gaming enhancements.

Similar to Niantic's popular mobile gaming app "Pokemon Go," the new Nintendo 3DS gaming title allows players to hatch eggs depending on the in-game distance that trainers traveled. To hasten the egg hatching time, gamers can utilize various items and gaming hacks such as riding the bull-like Pokemon named Tauros, according to the gaming tips posted on IGN.        

Having Tauros charge through a straight path for 60 seconds is an effective way to speed up the time needed for hatching eggs. In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the best place to do this would be on Akala Island's Heahea City or on Route 6.

Another "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gaming tip is to have Tauros run around in circles to complete the required distance needed to hatch an egg. Moreover, similar to other installments in the "Pokemon" game franchise, having a Pokemon creature with the Magma Armor or Flame Body abilities will also speed up the egg hatching process.

Meanwhile, breeding a Pokemon in the recently released Nintendo 3DS title will go at a faster rate if one of the creatures came from an in-game trade made with another player. Collecting eggs will also be easier and quicker if the male and female Pokemon creatures are compatible with each other.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers can even use the Pokemon Ditto to create genderless Voltorb and Magnemite, according to iDigital Times. Found on Ula'ula Island's Route 10, Ditto can also be matched with other Pokemon creatures regardless of gender.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" was released on Nov. 18 for the Nintendo 3DS. Learn more about the game in the clip below:

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