State of Decay for PC isn't coming anytime soon, says Undead Labs

By James Dohnert , Updated Jun 10, 2013 10:59 AM EDT

State of Decay has been a surprising hit on the Xbox 360. The game was released earlier this month to strong reviews and sales. Some have said the title overcame the video gaming zombie burnout by creating a unique game that transcends clichés of the genre.

The Undead Labs' game sees players take on the role of a survivor of the zombie post-apocalypse. State of Decay uses a mixture of RPG elements and resource management to create a game unlike other zombie survivor titles.

Taking place in a third-person open-world environment, the game tasks players with managing a colony of zombie apocalypse survivors holed up in a church. Players must collect goods, manage survivors, build outposts, and improve their own skills.

While the game is currently only available on Xbox Live Arcade, a PC version of the title is reportedly in the works. However, don't expect State of Decay for PC to release anytime soon. Undead Studios Community Director Sanya Weathers told Rock, Paper, Shotgun that a PC version of the game doesn't have a release date yet, nor will it, anytime in the near future.

"We are still working on the PC version, and I don't have a really good estimate for completion. Too much depends on third parties. It isn't going to be soon by any meaningful use of the word 'soon'," says Weathers.

Whenever the game does get released for PC, it's sure to be a success. The title has already outperformed expectations on the Xbox. In just two days of release, the game has sold over 250,000 copies on the Xbox Live Arcade. Undead Labs wrote in a blog post that the game has broken a variety of records on the digital marketplace.

"We have sold more than a quarter million copies since we released the game two days ago. State of Decay has smashed all kinds of records. The only game that ever sold more on [Xbox Live Arcade] this fast was Minecraft - an already hugely popular game," writes Undead Labs in a blog post.

Undead Labs also says in its blog post that the fans of series are the ones to thank for its success. The studio wrote that the game was able to find success without an ad budget because of fans who spread the word and supported the game.

"There just aren't the words to describe the feeling. This was you. We did not have an ad budget. We didn't have a physical copy to load onto shelves, no worldwide multimedia push and no studio reputation with millions of followers," continues Undead Labs.

"All we had was what we believed was a great game and a great community. And make no mistake; a solid game is not enough, not in 2013. Plenty of great games wither away in obscurity. This train got rolling because you got out and pushed."

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