'Fallout 5' Release Date, News & Update: Sequel Already In the Works, 'The Elder Scrolls 6' Causes Delay? More Gameplay Details

By Kaye Reese , Updated Nov 22, 2016 11:18 AM EST

"Fallout 4" has been, without a doubt, one of the best video games currently out in the market right now, enjoying high scores from reputed game reviewers such as IGN and GameSpot for its immersive gameplay and strategic combat experience. As such, it comes as no surprise that rumors and speculations of the production of "Fallout 5" have surfaced to the fray, especially since it's been a year since the Bethesda game came to be.

When will "Fallout 5" happen, indeed? Here's the roundup of everything you need to know about the Bethesda sequel: new gameplay details, release dates, upgrades and features, and more.

'Fallout 5' over 'The Elder Scrolls 5'?

Currently, there are two major sequels on the desks of Bethesda's studio: "Fallout 5" and "The Elder Scrolls 6." Both are equally anticipated by its fans especially since it's been a year or more since their predecessors. However, reports speculated that "Fallout 5" is being prioritized over "The Elder Scrolls 6," which was fueled further when Bethesda's Todd Howard said that "The Elder Scrolls 6" was indeed on the table, but is not being considered as an active project by the studio right now.

Hopefully, however, the studio manages to deliver both projects. "The Elder Scrolls 6," in particular, has left fans waiting longer, even with the release of "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition" earlier this year. What should we expect in "Fallout 5" game?

What to expect from 'Fallout 5'

GameRant reported that "Fallout 5" is also now on the pipeline of Bethesda's studio, quoting voice actor Ryan Alonsio confirming that they are indeed working on the sequel. However, it's also completely plausible that Alonsio is referring to "Fallout: New Vegas," which is believed to be another Fallout game albeit commissioned to developer Obsidian rather than Bethesda.

Excited for "Fallout 5"? Stay tuned for more updates.

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