'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: New Patch Boosts Combat Points, Bug Fixes, & CP Increase For Gengar & Rhydon?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 23, 2016 04:06 AM EST

Along with the Thanksgiving update that gives players bonus stardust and gain twice the experience points, "Pokemon Go" has another update that will fix combat points and increase it for some Pokemons such as Gengar and Rhydon to return competitiveness and fairness in these Pokemon. Other Pokemons will be fixed as well either an increase in CP (combat points) to be balanced with the others. Other Pokemons' CP will also be lowered so everything will have a balance to it. Some games were unfair for other players because of the bigger Cp cap compared to them.

A message from the developer

The developers of "Pokemon Go", Niantic Labs, posted on the official website about the update that was mentioned, which will increase the combat points of some Pokemon. This will also include lowering of other Pokemon's CP, to balance everything. Moreover, plans for future updates that will balance everything still continues. The update note can be found here. Some may have seen the different scaling of CP, which is why it is needed to be fixed right away for balanced combat. Some Pokemon favorites were useless to others because of the CP issues players are encountering, thus, making that Pokemon unusable in strong, heated battles.

Thanksgiving update and expectations for future updates

From the Thanksgiving update that lasts from November 23 to 30, this will serve as a "thank you" to players all around the world who plays "Pokemon Go". The said game will have further updates that will make gaming experience more indulging and challenging. Niantic Labs team is working hard to cover each areas of the features in their creation, which will also reveal some future updates that will contain more Pokemons, items, and other incentives that make this game in line with other apps. With this update, more Pokemons can now be fought and found in gyms. For more latest updates on Pokemon Go, stay tuned for more!

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