‘Metal Gear’ Hideo Kojima Pirated By Bethesda To Revamp ‘The Elder Scrolls;’ ‘Death Stranding’ Release Threatened?

By Danae Parker , Updated Nov 25, 2016 12:15 AM EST

Recent news and update concerning Hideo Kojima is filled with such issues and unexpected twist and turns. Claims have surfaced that Hideo Kojima is jumping ship to Bethesda to revamp its prestigious game, "The Elder Scrolls."

The reports tagging the "Metal Gear" creator Hideo Kojima is filled with such rumors and speculations, but none of these were verified by Hideo Kojima and even with Bethesda, the developer of the "The Elder Scrolls" gaming franchise.

As for presumptions that the release date and standing of "Death Stranding" is under jeopardy, that speculation has been debunked as well. Given the circumstance, this is not the first time that Hideo was tagged in a rumor.

A former report from GamenGuide also mentioned that Hideo Kojima was even rumored to fix and help the flaws that have "No Man's Sky." According to the report, it appears that the massive complaints that Sean Murray has noticed regarding "No Man's Sky" has struck him strongly and with the rumors that have surfaced, there are no notions that supports the speculations of Sean Murray, the powerhouse of Hello Games to enlist the help of the "Death Stranding" creator, Hideo Kojima.

With the rumors skyrocketing, gaming enthusiasts should disregard the speculations since Sean Murray has not affirmed that "No Man's Sky" would be aided by Hideo Kojima, as further relayed by the same post.

For the gaming enthusiasts, Hideo Kojima did not confirm his participation for revamping "The Elder Scrolls," thus all notions should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

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