‘Watch Dogs 2’ Latest News & Updates: Latest Sales Numbers Disappoint, Ubisoft still hopeful. What are Ubisoft's Long Term Plans?

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Nov 23, 2016 04:36 AM EST

Ubisoft has had a history of being in a love-hate relationship with its fans. When they make a game worthy of tremendous hype that hits it out of the ballpark, fans clamor to Ubisoft and hail them as one of the top game companies in the world. However, when Ubisoft overhypes a game, which they are infamous for, and that same game under delivers, fans are quick to voice their complaints. Fortunately, "Watch Dogs 2" has been very well-received, but how does this explain the disappointing sales numbers?

The "Watch Dogs" series got off on the wrong foot. Toted as the next big Ubisoft IP that would give Grand Theft Auto a run for its money, the first game in the series failed to live up to the enormous hype that it garnered for the majority of gamers. "Watch Dogs 2" is apparently much better than the original but sales numbers during its initial release continue to disappoint.

According to Gamespot, the sales of "Watch Dogs 2" have been underwhelming thus far and could end up falling short to that of the original. However, Ubisoft continues to remain positive, believing that the game will pick up steam and make up for the slow release sales in the long-term.

Ubisoft stated that they are incredibly happy with the critics and players' positive reception of "Watch Dogs 2," which should bolster support for the long-term success of the game. They went on to acknowledge that the first week sales of the title have been "comparatively lower than previous versions in previous years." The company is expecting that the coming weeks will increase game sales due to strongly favorable reviews and gamers vouching for the title and influencing others to pick up the game.

As reported by PC Gamer, Ubisoft was very grateful to the positive reception for "Watch Dogs 2." They believe that the second installment in the open-world hacking series is "a tremendous addition to the open-world action adventure series and [they're] confident that millions of players are going to love it."

"Watch Dogs 2" is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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