'League of Legends' News & Updates: Santa Braum, Winter Wonder Karma, & Snow Day Graves, Upcoming Update For Snowdown Showdown This December?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 23, 2016 04:45 AM EST

"League of Legends" will release a skin this December that includes three new skins of Champions namely Braum, Karma, and Graves. These skins are named to match the season of Christmas and following are; Winter Wonder Karma, Snow Day Graves, and Santa Braum. Now, almost all the Champions in League of Legends have Christmas themed skins to join in the season , especially when the Winter Summoner's Rift will be released this December.

Features that will be seen during the release

The upcoming "League of Legends" update presents Santa Braum carries a huge fireplace that shoots gigantic gifts. When using his ultimate move, numerous pine trees emerge from underground and causes a fissure, which also includes candy canes spawning quickly and vanishing right away near him.

For Winter Wonder Karma, her clothes are in bright blue color and her attacks are icy like the frost wind. Her shielding spells are also blue in color that has snowflakes swirling around, including the large on floating on top of her head. Lastly, Snow Day Graves has new attack effects that shoot ice and snow from his large gun. Instead of the bomb or grenade that he throws to the enemies to blind them, it is a Poro, a small puff ball animal, that swirls around and spits snow dust in a circle.

Snowdown Showdown will be back?

According to the post from the "League of Legends" fan website called Fandom [powered by Wikia, thus the web address displays "Wikia" on it], Snowdown Showdown will return but it will be enhanced and upgraded just like the look on the Winter Summoner's Rift. Along with the Snowdown Showdown event, lots of discounts, glyphs and runes, and other item sales will be lowered as well.

In addition, minions will have a new skin aside from Champions, which is just like what happened when the Star Guardian skins were released. Players will surely feel the chilling cold and the spirit of Christmas as the upcoming update will be released sooner than expected. For more League of Legends updates, stay in touch for more!

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