'Pokemon GO’ Guide: How To Catch A Ditto

By Allan O , Updated Nov 23, 2016 06:06 AM EST

Ditto is finally released into the wild in the world of "Pokemon GO" and catching him is not as easy as it seems. Unlike other Pokemon, a player will never know where a Ditto is even though it’s right there in front of them. The only way for them to know it is a Ditto is when it is successfully caught. This guide will help players not just find Dittos but also successfully catch them.

How Are Ditto Disguised?

Niantic has heavily disguised every wild Ditto in "Pokemon GO" by making them appear just like any other Pokemon in the map. There are no clues nor indications a Pokemon is a Ditto unless caught. According to reports, Dittos are usually hiding in the form of low tier common Pokemon like Magikarp, Rattata, Pidgey and even hard to catch Zubats.

How to Catch Ditto in the Wild?

Since a Ditto is hiding under the form of low tier common Pokemon in "Pokemon GO", this means players will need to catch almost every Pokemon they encounter just to make sure they don’t miss the first Ditto that comes their way. It is recommended that players save as many Poke balls, great-balls, ultra-balls and razz berries as possible so every opportunity is not lost.

How to Know if a Player Caught a Ditto?

Reports claim that a caught Ditto will be identified right away as a cut scene will appear in "Pokemon GO". The scene is just like when an egg has just hatched which comes with the same caption of “Oh!?” And just to assure you that it is a Ditto, Pokedex will reveal its true form and its real CP level. More often than not, the real CP of the Ditto is higher than the CP it uses when it’s in disguise.

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