‘General Hospital’ November 23-25 Spoilers, News & Update: Surprise Wedding, Julexis Reunion Will Not Go Well, Another Thanksgiving Pizza? More Plot Details!

By Monica M. , Updated Nov 23, 2016 11:01 AM EST

The upcoming episode "General Hospital" on November 23, 2016, will feature a wedding, more family drama, and Alexis finally hitting rock bottom. As always, the Quartermaine family Thanksgiving dinner will not go according to plan.

ABC's "General Hospital" has amassed quite a number of fans which will surely be delighted to know that there is an impending reunion between Julian and Alexis. After spending a rather awkward Thanksgiving dinner with Andre, Jordan, and Curtis, Alexis heads out for a drink at The Floating Rib.

And who will she stumble upon there? It will be no other than her ex-boyfriend Julian. However, the next episode of "General Hospital" will not be the Jalexis reunion that fans are hoping for. Alexis really looks like she is on her way to hitting rock bottom and her ex will surely notice.

The next episode of "General Hospital" will show Julian and Alexis engaged in a heated argument about Alexis' alcohol problems. Furthermore, Celebrity Dirty Laundry mentioned that when Alexis was about to drive off after the argument, Julian will stop her. Unfortunately, she is too drunk and runs him over with her car.

In another scene of "General Hospital," Sonny is having one of the most depressing Thanksgiving at his home. Luckily, Laura will visit him and they will talk about how it was losing a son. The two characters have had a very rough year as both had lost a child.

In a less dramatic scene, Soap Hub reports that some good news will befall on Laura in the upcoming episode of "General Hospital." Her daughter Lulu and Dante will have a Thanksgiving wedding.

The report also mentioned that in the next episode of "General Hospital" that Tracy is determined to make a good Thanksgiving dinner for the Quartermaine family. But of course, some sort of disaster will happen.

Will it be another pizza for the family? Fans will have to find out on the next dramatic episode of "General Hospital."


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