‘Days Of Our Lives’ November 23 Spoilers, News & Updates: Stefano’s Murderer Is Not Hope; Chad Starting To Fall Deeply For Gabi

By Monica M. , Updated Nov 23, 2016 11:08 AM EST

While fans are already convinced that Hope is the murderer of Stefano, some rumors are suggesting that "Days of our Lives" has pulled a fast one on viewers and that there is another real murderer behind the gun that killed Stefano.

It certainly does not look good for Hope as fans last saw her in the room shrouded in fear over the body of a slain Stefano. While it definitely does not look good for Hope, a source has asked fans to carefully look at the details as to why Hope could possibly be set up for the murder. First off, when Rafe walked in on the horrific scene, he did not actually witness the murder. All he saw was a disconsolate Hope and the body of Stefano. Then there is that little fact that says Hope does not actually remember a thing from the incident. Why would "Days of our Lives" need to put that little info in?

It is definitely going to take a lot of trickery and convincing from "Days of our Lives" creators to turn this storyline into a shocking twist. But of course the seemingly impossible is just another day in daytime soaps so this probably would not be a problem. Maybe the scene that fans saw was just a vision from Hope's unstable mind.

Fans will probably have to wait just a bit longer as "Days of our Lives" will probably be focusing more on Hope's prison life for the meantime. Elsewhere in "Days of our Lives," Chad will be having a bit of a moral dilemma as he feels like he is deceiving Abigail by feeling a certain way about Gabi. Now that Gabi is a bit vulnerable in her situation with JJ, will Chad swoop in and cause further complications to this love triangle? Find out on "Days of our Lives" airs next on Nov. 23.

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