‘No Man's Sky’ Latest News & Update: Fans Still Love Creator Sean Murray; Next Patch Releasing Soon! More Characters, Gameplay Details Revealed

By Monica M. , Updated Nov 23, 2016 11:06 AM EST

It is a complete understatement to say that a lot of gamers has been disappointed with the game "No Man's Sky." They accused the game of not delivering on its promise of an exciting procedurally generated galaxy. There is a lack of variety, too little action, and a lot of technical problems.

To make matters worse, the creator of "No Man's Sky" Sean Murray has been missing in action for some time now. So to those number of people who are still playing the game, it would be hard to blame them from feeling a little left out.

So when a Reddit moderator created a subreddit that would cater to those who would like to discuss their love for "No Man's Sky." This is how he described the page, "Despite my own personal feelings about this game, I stand by those who love it. I made this sub for people to enjoy the game and it will be staying that way. If you don't enjoy the game (LIKE ME) that's fine, but what is there to gain from harassing those that do."

While there are those who still try to bash "No Man's Sky" on the subreddit meant specifically for people who did enjoy the game. There are those few who offered the game some kind words as well as some encouragement to the studio responsible for the game.

The last time that the creators of "No Man's Sky" announced any updates on what is happening in the game was way back last month. This is when the studio's audio chief has posted on his twitter page that Sean Murray is fine and they are all busy trying to make the next patch. As for the head guy himself, Sean Murray was last heard from on August. Hopefully, this latest show of support for Murray helps him address fans of "No Man's Sky."

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