Xbox Scorpio VS Xbox One S: How Powerful The Scorpio Is? Specs, Features & Price Compared! Which Is Better?

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Nov 23, 2016 11:11 AM EST

Customers have seen some  buzzes on the market at PS4 Pro launch which also offers a massive discount in PS4 Pro Bundle. However, Xbox also becomes a trending topic since their Xbox Scorpio project is heading in the market in early 2017.

Even there have been so many rumors and reviews on the Internet, Xbox Scorpio is something mysterious that only Xbox manufacturers knows how powerful it is. To conclude some of others, opinion, GameNGuide tries to compare head to head with its previous generation, the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S Strength

The slim design of Xbox one S has been popularly compared with the new PS4 pro among its users. The two of them has its own power and plus points. Therefore, in order to know how powerful Xbox Scorpio is, let's take a look the what Xbox One S has to compete PS4 Pro.

Trusted Reviews previously explained, PS4 Pro is similar with Xbox one S. However, there is a one shot that makes Xbox One S performs better. It is an ability to present an Ultra HD Blu-ray player (and most likely, this feature will exist in Xbox Scorpio). Unfortunately, this feature is what the new Sony's console doesn't include.

Xbox Scorpio VS Xbox One S

Reported from Digital Trends, Phil Spencer Confirmed. "Scorpio will be a premium console," he said. "It will cost more than [the Xbox One] S obviously. That's how we're building it". Unfortunately, Phil has no intention to reveal the actual price yet. The most possible thing is, the Xbox company has put a large amount of investment to launch Xbox Scorpio for higher end customer.

Roughly, it is easy to conclude that Xbox Scorpio isn't comparable anymore, even with PS4 Pro series. Also, there is still a chance that Xbox Scorpio may not appear as usual console customer had met on the market in 2016.

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