'Rocket League' Mods Release Date & Latest News: Next Update Live December 2016; Features Steam Workshop Levels

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Nov 23, 2016 09:54 PM EST

Psyonix, the creator of the famed "Rocket League" has been laboriously working on developing mods for the game. In December, however, custom arenas will be a lot easier than before to share and enjoy.

The company announced that Steam Workshop Levels will be integrated to "Rocket League" come December. Players whether on Mac, PC, or Steam OS will be able to upload custom levels they have created to the Steam Rocket Community Hub as soon as steam goes live. With the Steam Workshop, modders will have an ease to share their designs without the need to edit game files.

Psyonix will provide Steam Workshop Uploader Tool as soon as the next update is live. The tool will enable content makers to upload their levels. Creators will be asked to fill out few details which include the name of the creation, the level file, brief description and a preview image. The uploader tool auto-detects all the data submitted. As soon as the creator submits the data, the created level is available to the "Rocket League" races, as explained by Rocket Steam Community Hub.

Gamers can play the "Rocket League" Workshop Levels by subscribing to the new arenas in the workshop section. Next, the player must click the subscribe button beside any Workshop Level that the player choose to play and Steam will download it automatically. Downloaded Workshop Levels can be found by launching the game, click Extras in the main menu, and click Workshop.

"Rocket League" has reportedly sold 8 million copies and has almost 22 million players. This is according to Jeremy Dunham, Vice President of Psyonix. "Rocket League" won more than 150 Game of the Year awards. Gamers enjoy the game because it offers a new way of gameplay that is, using cars to play soccer. Psyonix also plans of a PS4 Pro Patch that could upgrade different aspects of the games.

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