Why Melania Trump Decided Against Moving To The White House? Donald Trump's Wife Weary Of Barron's Autism Condition?

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Nov 24, 2016 12:55 AM EST

President-elect Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump and their son are not moving to the White House. The decision sparked rumors about autism condition of Barron Trump.

The buzz about Barron Trump's autism further intensified after Donald Trump's victory speech. The unusual gestures and restless behavior of the 10-year-old brought up the question of his autism to everyone's mind, as per Blasting News.

However, the election campaign and the attention that centered on Barron Trump has created difficulties for the young boy, as it is too overwhelming for him, reported New York Post. A source close to Trump also revealed that Melania Trump has decided not to move to the White House as she is extremely close to Barron Trump and wants to minimize disruption for him.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump is very supportive of her husband and is eager to perform her duty as a first lady. But her key focus will be her son, Barron Trump, according to a second source. Moreover, Melania also wants Barron to continue in the same school he was enrolled in recently.

Barron Trump who attends Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School is thrust into the limelight and his parents like any other parents would try hard to safeguard him from unwanted attention. It can be logical that they would keep his health conditions under wrap to protect him.

Earlier, Melania Trump had stated that Barron Trump is a healthy boy and loves to build things like his dad. He also builds helicopters, she further added. Moreover, Barron is a bilingual and fluent in Slovenian and English. He never does anything crazy and he is very neat and tidy, as per Hollywood Reporters.

Melania Trump's revelations about Barron Trump counters the rumors that the boy is autistic and proves him to be like any other normal boy of his age.  It also has been speculated that the mother and son duo might follow Donal Trump to the White House at the end of the school year. This again hinting at the baseless rumors surrounding the Trump heir. 

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