"Atelier Firis' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Coming To The West This 2017 For PS Vita & PS4? For PC Platform As Well?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 24, 2016 04:10 AM EST

"Atelier Firis" will be a game that will have open world scouring and tracking just like other games that were released before. This upcoming game will hold many new adventures in the life of Firis Mistlud, who discovers alchemy in her age. To support her dreams to become the best alchemist, her sister accompanies and protects her for her purpose named Laine Mistlud, as the two of them meet new friends and companions along with her journey. The expected release date for this game will be on spring this 2017.

The features and interface

The features of the "Atelier Firis" are smooth and polished just like in the older versions of the Atelier series such as Atelier Shallie Plus, which will also have a release this 2017 in the West.

The twitter post from KOEI TECMO AMERICA made it even possible and real, not just any rumors. As an added information, "Atelier Firis" will be coming to PC on Steam for desktop computer users that are itching for more alchemist fun and adventures. The good thing about this game is the lighthearted story with numerous inspirations that would surely light up your day. If you are not satisfied with the story, you have the game play that sure looks like what you would do if you are in Monster Hunter games.

Vast open fields for roaming and gathering

OF course, players of the Atelier series never forget what their number one priority----to gather items and learn recipes for alchemy. The progress can be attained if players are keen on recipes and learn to craft weapons and armor through alchemy, which is the focal point in "Atelier Firis". Moreover, the upcoming game this 2017 is a sure bet to expect something amazing and wondrous in the world of Firis and Liane, the main characters in the game. With designs and unique game play, including voice actors that give life to the characters, this game will surely be a hit when it comes out.

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