‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 10 Powerful TMs To Teach Pokemon; Location In Alola Revealed! Gen 2, Gameplay Confirmed?

By Laine Lucas , Updated Nov 24, 2016 08:03 AM EST

Technical Machines (TM) are important moves that players can teach Pokemon and in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," there are 100 TMs found in the Alola region. While they can be purchased from shops, some of these moves can only be unlocked and others can be found while exploring. Here are some of the TMs and their locations in Alola.

TM13 Ice Beam can strike opponents with an icy-cold energy beam that can also freeze them. This TM is found in Mount Lanakila. TMO2, which is Dragon Claw, will slash the opponent with huge ultra-sharp claws. This TM can be found in Vast Poni Canyon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Alola region.

For those who like their opponents to receive more damage with every turn in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," TM06 Toxic would be great. Players can find this in Aether Paradise. TM61 Will-O-Wisp also inflicts damage as the Pokemon that has been targeted will get burned. This can be found in Konikoni City. TM38 Fire Blast is another attack move that leaves target Pokemon with a burn that can continuously decrease its HP. Trainers can buy this in Seafolk Village PokeMart.

TM28 Leech Life, found in Akala Outskirts, is also a good attack TM that drains the opponent's health. The user then regains HP by half the damage received by the target.  Another TM that could possibly freeze the target Pokemon is TM14 Blizzard, which can be purchased in the PokeMart in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Seafolk Village.

There's also TM40 Aerial Ace, an attack that never misses. This move confuses the target with a Pokemon's speed and then allows the user to deliver a powerful slash. It can be bought from Malie City PokeMart. Surf, once a Hidden Machine (HM), is now known as TM49 in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Players can find it in Poni Breaker Coast on Poni Island. Lastly, TM59 Brutal Swing lets a Pokemon swing its body to inflict serious damage on everything around it. This can be found in Route 9.

There are more TMs scattered in all of Alola region in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Besides teaching Pokemon new mvoes, TMs can also be handy if you want to boost friendship level to help the Pokemon evolve. You can find this trick by clicking here.

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