'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Guide: Go And Catch 'Em All The Zygarde Cells As Exact Locations Are Revealed

By Camille Travilla , Updated Nov 24, 2016 02:12 PM EST

The release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" began a whole new craze for all Pokemon game fans. One enticing feature of the new game is the inclusion of the "greatest Pokemon ever created", Rowlett. Gamers went incredibly wild with the implementation of a total of 20 years of learning of every released Pokemon title. This moved gamers to make unplanned purchase of either of the two releases.

But probably the biggest selling point here is the countless innovations of how "Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon" versus how it is usually played. For example, you can no longer see the typical battle Gym as what we grow up with. Instead, you will find four islands guarded by the mystical and mysterious Ultra Beasts! But nothing is more thrilling than the inclusion of Zygarde in this new Pokemon title.

Zygarde previously appeared in Pokemon X and Y, but a new twist is up for the new game. In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," there will be not just one but two Zygarde forms available. First is the Zygarde 10% which looks like Houndoom and then there's Zygarde Complete Forme. If you're up to the challenge of seeing this cool Pokemon on your team, then be prepared to collect 100 Zygarde cells all throughout Alola.

It may sound daunting especially if you don't know which way to go. You need to travel across the land and search far and wide in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." But here's the catch, these are the number of Zygarde cells in every location: Melemele Island- 14, Akala Island- 18, Ula'ula Island- 30, Poni Island- 28, Aether Foundation- 5. A full list of the exact locations can be found here. Did you find all Zygarde cells? Were you able to achieve its Complete Forme? Sound off in the comments below!

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