‘Doctor Strange’ Latest New & Update: Sequel Confirmed Happening? ‘Ant-Man’ Crossover Being Planned? Possible Plot Details

By Monica M. , Updated Nov 24, 2016 11:10 AM EST

A year ago, fans were treated to a new character in the ever-expanding Marvel cinema universe in the form of "Ant-Man." The movie introduced viewers to the Quantum Realm a place where the Wasp is currently trapped. With "Doctor Strange" done, are we seeing clues to a crossover between the two movies?

This theory has already been floating around the internet for some time now. According to Cinema Blend, In the "Ant-Man", the Quantum Realm is described as an alternate dimension that can only be entered if a human is able to shrink down to subatomic levels. This is a place where there is no concept of time and space. But as hard as it is to get into this place, it is even harder to get out of it as Hank Pym's wife, on a heroic mission, was forced to enter the Quantum Realm and has been trapped there for decades. Now this is where the "Doctor Strange" similarities come to play.

This has been talked about numerous times during the film. But as fans who watched the "Doctor Strange" movie already know, the "Quantum Realm" has an exit as Scott Lang did just that at the end of the film. The only problem is that he does not recall how he did it so it looks like that is where the whole arc ends. That is until "Doctor Strange" was shown recently, where the movie has been dabbling with the idea of a multiverse. So how does this fit in with "Ant-Man?"

With the way that Dr. Strange has been able to go in and out of these multiverses. It is not out of the realm of possibility that we may be seeing an "Ant-Man" and "Doctor-Strange" crossover. The problem with these two movies is that it will be a hard sell for them to have a sequel and would probably benefit in doing a joint film together. Similar to what Marvel did to "Captain America: Civil War." It will be interesting to see "Doctor Strange" and "Ant-Man" team up to save Janet Pym from the Quantum Realm. Could this be something that Marvel Studios is cooking up?

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