Custom Katamari Damacy controller created with Yoga Ball

By Ural Garrett , Updated Jun 25, 2013 11:51 AM EDT

The Nuit Blanche Festival in London, Canada is normally known for having some of the best art and cultural experiences available in the world.

A two man team decided to take things a bit further by recreating the original Katamari Damacy on Playstation 2 with a Yoga Ball set-up among other things.

According to one of the involved programs Chris McInnis on Uber Cool Stuff, recreating the game sounded like a good idea.

"The quirky but catchy music, simple controls, great character design and oddball humour all combine to make a truly joyful game that I never tire of," McInnis wrote.

The process of creating the controller was posted onYour Computer Geek, the duo was inspired by a similar project done years ago tech wise.

"The idea for this project was to create a large ball (36 inches in diameter) that a user could roll in place and control the game that was being projected onto the side of a building," the post said.

Alongside the Yoga ball, other tools included a Arduino Uno chip, breadboard, digital potentionmeter, two optical mice, a Playstation 2, dual shock controller and copy of the game.

Because the of the game's simple controls, transitioning to a bigger controller was simple though time consuming.

"The game is played with tank like controls, so as the ball rolled forward, it slides over both mice and simulates both thumb sticks being pushed up," the blog post read. "In order to accomplish this, we would need to make the controller think that the computer mice inputs were in fact that thumb sticks."

In keeping within the spirit of the series, costumes and decorations inspired by Namco's humorous series were also apart of the experience. According to McInnis, long hours of programing and construction was all worth it once the festival commenced.

"Watching the big smiles on people's faces as they played the game was incredible," McInnis wrote. "It was a tremendous payoff for a ton of hard work."

The last installment of the series was released for Sony's Playstation Vita entitledTouch My Katamari which was released last year. In April, Playstation Network made the original 2004 hit available to Playstation 3 owners.

Watch video below:

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