'Pokemon' Game for Nintendo Switch Hinted By Recruitment Ad

'Pokemon' Game for Nintendo Switch Hinted By Recruitment Ad

Nintendo fans have reportedly noticed that Game Freak has posted two recruitment ads for an unannounced project for a console.

by Michael Augustin

'Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony' Release Date, News & Updates: Four New Characters Revealed Including Bonus Modes

'Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony' Release Date, News & Updates: Four New Characters Revealed Including Bonus Modes

Spike Chunsoft, the creator of the Danganronpa series, released another trailer that reveals new 5 new characters, bonus modes, and means to gain progress in the game.

by Switchy Sam

NieR: Automata E3 2016 Boss Battle

PS4/PS Vita News & Update: Save Up For These Nine Japanese Games For PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita With Western Release Dates

Don’t use up all your money for the holidays – some PS4/PS Vita games from Japan are on their way!

by Arianne Gift

'Lara Croft Go' removed from Windows Store.

'Lara Croft Go News & Update: Puzzle Video Game Removed From Windows Store, Discount Available On Steam

The latest 'Lara Croft Go' news and update suggest that the puzzle video game has been removed from Windows Store.

by Arah TJ

'Resident Evil 7' demo to come out soon.

'Resident Evil 7' News & Update: 'Resident Evil 7' Demo to Arrive on PC Soon

'Resident Evil 7' News & Update suggest 'Resident Evil 7' Demo will come on PC soon.

by Arah TJ

Lara Croft GO Is Surprisingly Good

'Lara Croft Go' Release Date, News & Update: Sony Confirms Game for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita

"Lara Croft Go" is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, along with an expansion called "Mirror of Spirits."

by Olivia Cavallaro

Nintendo 3DS

Sony PS Vita vs Nintendo 3DS: Handheld Consoles Still a Popular Choice Among Gamers; Specs and Features Compared

Smartphones have somehow replaced handheld consoles nowadays but there are still players who still go for the traditional gaming devices.

by Nens Mitchell

Nintendo And Girls Inc. Host Style Savvy: Fashion Forward Workshop At Big Door Studios

Which Console Is The Best Buy: PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita consoles have similarities but differences in specs and prices. Players and users conflict on which console to choose for gaming but with the help of comparing, the choice is up to them.

by Switchy Sam

First Edition Of Madrid Games Week

Playstation Plus September 2016 Free Games: ‘Watch Dogs’ Tops The List? What Not To Expect?

“Watch Dogs” has been rumored to be on top of the list of PlayStation Plus September 2016 free games.

by AASalvador

Annual E3 Gaming Conference In Los Angeles

'The Banner Saga 2' Release Date, News & Update: Sequel Game To Come Earlier Than Expected

After "The Banner Saga 2" was released for PC, it would now come ahead its first release date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

by Jeanne Anne

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

PlayStation Plus June 2016: Free Games Now Available for PS4, PS 3 & PS Vita

Sony announces initial games available for PlayStation user. The new PlayStation Plus June 2016 free games lineup offers exciting games which can now be played for free by subscribers.

by Mark Jason Alcala

Glacial White PlayStation 4

Xeodrifter To Hit PlayStation 4 and PSP Vita On September 1st

Renegade Kid formally announced that the Metroidvania action-adventure game will make its way for the PlayStation 4 and PSP Vita on September 1st. The game will be released simultaneously in the US and UK and will priced at 9.99 (USD and UK Pounds).

by Bjorn Ramos

PlayStation Flash Sale

PlayStation RPG Flash Sale, Get Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy And More For Up To 75% Off

Do you have a long weekend coming up and are in need of activities to occupy yourself? PlayStation has you covered. The gaming giant is offering a massive PSN Store flash sale on various RPGs available for digital download for both the PS3 and PS Vita. Some of the discounts are up to 75% off and all of the games are worth your time.

by Steve Buja

Felix Morais Harvey

If You Need a Feel-Good Story For Today, Check Out This Kid Playing 'inFamous' From the Hospital

'Dual Shockers' reports on Felix Morais Harvey, a kid who gets to enjoy playing his PS4 from the hospital 500 miles from home using Remote Play.

by Alex Wolfe

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